1, what is home appliances to the countryside?

answer: home appliances to the countryside policy is an important measure to further implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, actively expand domestic demand, fiscal and trade policy innovation breakthrough. The main content is to adapt to the new trend of the farmers’ consumption upgrade, the use of fiscal and trade policy, guide and organize the work of development and production for the characteristics of rural consumption, reliable performance, quality assurance, high quality and inexpensive home appliances, and provide customer service to meet the needs of farmers and circulation service; the scope of subsidies for farmers to purchase home appliances give a certain proportion of financial subsidies, to activate the purchasing power of farmers, expand consumption in rural areas, promote the coordinated development of domestic and foreign demand.

2, Q: home appliances subsidies to the countryside and other financial subsidies policy, what is the innovation?

answer: financial subsidies for home appliances to the countryside policy is to subsidize farmers to buy home appliances to the countryside. The varieties and types of subsidies, subsidies, the proportion of the burden of subsidies and other policies designed, will subsidize the process design is reasonable, and easy to use, to ensure the timely disbursement of funds subsidies to farmers is the key. But the difference of home appliances to the countryside policy and other subsidies to farmers and policy: one is the former subsidies to farmers mainly focuses on production and consumption of home appliances to the countryside is the only part of subsidies, farmers buy home appliances to just give up, directly stimulating consumption. Two home appliances with the use of fiscal policy lever, guide the production enterprise design, development, production suitable for rural consumer products, improve customer service service, and guide dealers to improve the consumption environment in rural areas and improve the rural household appliance network, and realize the combination of fiscal policy and production, trade policy, benefit, profit, country, farmers get benefits and the enterprise market, popular government. This is the innovation of this policy.

3, Q: a comprehensive promotion of home appliances to the countryside policy is introduced?

answer: in order to implement the State Council on the promotion of home appliances to the countryside, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Commerce on the basis of repeated investigation and study, put forward the policy of financial subsidies to promote home appliances to the countryside. To steadily push forward, since December 2007 in Shandong, Henan, Sichuan and Qingdao provinces and one city of home appliances to the countryside pilot, on TV, refrigerator (including freezers), mobile phone three categories of products give the sales price of 13% financial subsidy funds. The pilot has achieved remarkable results, farmers have to benefit the enterprise market, the government has popular.

on the basis of summarizing pilot experience, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce believes that it is necessary to accelerate the home appliances to the countryside, to further develop financial subsidies for home appliances in expanding domestic demand, improve people’s livelihood, promote the construction of new socialist countryside policy effectiveness. Approved by the State Council, continue to implement the pilot provinces and one city at the same time, the home appliance sales and customer service service network is perfect, the higher the enthusiasm of local Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Dalian, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Chongqing, Shaanxi into the promotion area, a total of 14 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and municipalities. To maintain policy >