technology news November 12th morning news, according to the real-time data Ali announced, as of 11 24:00:002016 Tmall double 11 Carnival total global turnover of over 120 billion 700 million, wireless transactions accounted for more than 81.87%, covering 235 countries and regions.

had 11, 6:54 53 seconds, 2016 Tmall eleven turnover of over 57 billion 100 million yuan, beyond 2014 double eleven all day long; 11 15:19 13 seconds, 2016 Tmall double eleven Carnival global trading volume 91 billion 200 million, wireless trading accounted for 83%, than last year, all day long transaction volume; 11, 18:55, 36 seconds, 2016 Tmall eleven turnover of over 100 billion yuan, wireless transactions accounted for more than 82%; 11 22:12 03 seconds, Tmall double eleven transactions for the first time to reach 111 billion 100 million yuan.

turnover from 50 million yuan in the first year, to last year’s $91 billion 200 million, and then to the single day this year to enter the era of billions of dollars, the latter is the process of Ali ecology from fission to fusion. Alibaba chairman of the board Ma believes that the Alibaba is building the infrastructure of future business, including market, payment, logistics, cloud computing and big data, not only for businesses and Internet links, more is to allow businesses connected with the future of the business model.

logistics, 2016 Tmall double eleven 13 minutes of the first single sign, as of 11 20 03, double eleven Carnival total global turnover of over 103 billion yuan; a total of 550 million logistics orders, generating electronic surface single volume 267 million. According to the general manager of the rookie Network Express Division Wang Wenbin introduction, with a large number of parcels by courier companies in advance, the rookie network is expected, after a weekend, 14 will officially usher in the logistics and distribution of the peak pressure, the largest is Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou city express little brother.

payment, this year eleven, Alipay paid before the pen for 1 hours, more than 188 million pens in 2013 double eleven all day long. 1 hours and 06 minutes, the number of payments to break through the pen 200 million. 1 hours ago, Alipay’s mobile payments accounted for 90% of the number of pen. By the 11 day at 18:55, Alipay payment number to 820 million pen, has exceeded last year the number of all day long payment mobile payment items, more than 580 million pens, accounting for over 70%. Double eleven breakthrough in sales of 100 billion, the consumer insurance policy to produce a total of $490 million for the protection of the amount of consumption of $eleven to reach $19 billion 100 million.

rural Taobao, logistics information provided by logistics partner rural rookie network show: November 11th 00:02, Taobao second order payment of rural village; 00:05, county logistics center received the first batch of parcel order; 00:08, logistics center and a single print electronic surface paste; 00:55, includes 200 pieces of commodities packed cars; 00:58 check out, transfer orders, in order to start; 01:25, arrived in the village, Amoy >