is not a president, he is an advertiser". This famous saying President Roosevelt has let countless people full of excitement. advertising. Obama used some techniques of enormous energy to let us know the relationship between marketing and "Yuantu mouguo". It is no exaggeration to say that Obama’s way is a brand marketing textbook, Obama political marketing of the road: a dream, a slogan, let the people who support them over against their own people; roots Obama know how to charm and touch people heart, the dream of trafficking. The Obama team to create exquisite technology marketing Obama the change of American political history of a gilded signboard.

is good at collecting public opinion – Market Research

research is the basis for decision-making, marketing prelude.

can be an antidote against the disease, the disease, how to find the crux of the problem lies in the market survey?! Obama can win the presidential election in 2008, and before the 2012 election in sluggish economic situation, to break the U.S. presidential election spell, re-election, "symptomatic" when the first time work.

in the extensive collection of public opinion, Obama recognized the economic crisis, the economy is that voters are most concerned about, as a quasi played a quite permissive "combined", finally let the white house.

when the economic reform come to a standstill amid angry people the anger and to the bloodthirsty Wall Street, and in the "occupation of Wall Street" of the "genuine" raging like a storm, Obama immediately to cater to public opinion, to attack Wall Street, also benefited from.

when people believe that the government terrorism, the · Laden timely……

all this, not in market research, based on the collection of public opinion, this kind of marketing consciousness ", a reference, an antidote against the disease.

publicly express its own policy ideas and perseverance – a single brand appeal

clear and firm brand proposition is the core essence of the birth of purchase behavior, build loyalty, based on the collection of public opinion, the Obama campaign in the beginning of the brand appeal clear and concise – "Change" (change), and on various occasions, before the media to promote their own "Change" determination and confidence.

By virtue of the word "

", Obama has included economic issues, racial issues, political issues, climate issues, social security issues and so on. Many of the brands condensed into a single brand appeal, Obama’s policies become clear and veryspread.

economic downturn, "Change" is imperative, which greatly stimulated the people think of the u.s.. The sight of this claim, the voters themselves, a hot heart, also become a big fan of Obama, since then, where it went, the inevitable enthusiasm, "Change! Change!" cries more >