is the largest domestic textile and apparel industry website — global textile network just before get a great background of investment of hundreds of millions of investment strategy, will launch a new B2B model and the new platform is different from the membership fees of the Alibaba. This new model will not only bring changes to the downturn in the B2B market, but also will affect the next ten years, the domestic textile industry trade pattern.

global textile network by China textile city group and Zhejiang University jointly founded China Ma early pages together was founded in 2000, relying on the world’s largest textile professional market – China Textile City market resources, after ten years of development, has become the country’s largest textile and garment industry website.

it is understood that the current global textile network with domestic and foreign textile and garment registered member number about 1300000, in addition to providing the purchaser and supplier database, database products, trade information, price quotes, information for the textile enterprises, but also provide information, network promotion, business opportunities, and trade matching services for both parties. A few years ago, the company has achieved large-scale profitability.

but the current global textile network and other B2B sites, just stay at the level of information interaction, after getting this investment, the global textile network will do what is still unknown. Investors background and investment amount is unknown. Global textile network relevant responsible person are now said to disclose the details will be announced at the March 18th press conference in Beijing.