do keywords ranking, the first to do content, second hair outside the chain. A lot of people do not pay attention to the selection of key words, if you want to quickly optimize your keywords, how to do, in order to have the rankings, do content, the basic chain no effect. In 09 years ago, a lot of webmaster is to do so, in the title of the key words, try to send the chain. And now it is impracticalto, 168 dragons after so many years of experience, in order to put the rankings do go up, rely on the accumulation of keywords, to send the chain is not up to the effect of the 168 dragons, recently the research on the SEO 200 a number of factors that webmasters are do pop ads effect very good. Now, some of the large flow station will often find some pop advertising to do, so now do click on ads and pop-up ads Adsense is still very much.

The value and meaning of



keyword is effectively converted to my website, we do keywords fix the positioning of their own industry, my site positioning keywords, what else didn’t do, but also to go up, and some to do for a long time, but there is no ranking, this is why? The 168 dragons summary to be precise, keywords, industry users demand plus, must satisfy the users will buy keywords search, will bring traffic.

then optimization keywords, why do you want to optimize the keywords? Generally speaking, words less, to grasp the core keywords, will bring traffic conversion, if the keyword click advertising alliance is effective keywords, but also to analyze user needs, what is the user’s attention, to its website to do value orientation, analysis what the user needs are not met, is the need to pop ads? Or click on ads or display advertising?? or is the choice of paid advertising alliance or a week for advertising, is to choose the 168 alliance, chose the Baidu alliance, or Google alliance, these are the analysis of user needs, now many webmaster will pay attention to these, so the ranking will maintain a stable state for a long time.

what is the core of a web site based on what to do?

is based on keywords to do, we do is keyword ranking, ranking good, depends on the preparatory work is not ready in place, there is no good choice of home key, these factors are to be taken into account.

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