often have a lot of friends and students in the WeChat public number message, asked me to experience some of WeChat operations, today I spend some time doing WeChat public account operations will own experience summed up some friends for reference and guidance.

1, clear each communication, interaction, push the object is who, the reader of the more understanding of the person, the higher the degree of trust, including his company position, name, contact information.

2, simple is power, don’t put themselves into WeChat public account function application of universal, free music, chatting robot, these functions will only dilute the core value of the business, please delete these functions, simple is power.

3, WeChat’s purpose is to maintain customer relationships, with 99% of the time to develop customer trust. Do not always think about promotions, in January out of 29 days to train customers, the promotion of the 1 day time may be more effective. Please temporarily forget sales.

4, WeChat does not have any marketing marketing tips, the fight is the investment and execution, do not want to want to get into a lot of fans is not possible, do not just stare at 3 months to get 900 thousand fans of the first case, I invested much money, how much human, if you don’t want to put too much money, you can choose to invest the time, plus the execution in place, you can achieve the same goal.

5, not busy every day to push a lot of content to potential customers, can create the topic of communication with readers, you should know that all values are from communication, push again good content, as the reader careful communication at a time.

6, and readers want to create more communication opportunities, we must ask the reader more questions. Ask the reader what time to receive the content, I hope the reader to give advice, etc..

7, do not be the case of those 3 months of 1 million fans fainted, fans and more, if it can not be converted into value, still useless. The fans we need are the target fans, the quality of the fans is more important than the number of fans.

8, released the article doesn’t have to be a long and minute statement can make the readers think, the best, the general space in the three hundred words.

9, pay attention to competitors WeChat, if you pay attention to the of the 50 competitors, there will be a number of accounts to teach you how to do a good job in WeChat marketing WeChat. All you have to do is optimize all of them. Remember: competitors are the best teachers.

10, the new start learning playing WeChat, from the quality of WeChat began to learn, remember those good game player method, the best day will be able to take down, where you compare can do better, more conducive to their future operations.

11, a careful analysis of their own industry, the need to use WeChat public platform, in fact, a lot of small