small and medium enterprises in the current network to promote the expectations are mainly to get more potential customers, in order to increase corporate income for the ultimate goal. Generally for the evaluation of the effect is mainly manifested in four aspects: 1, such as the increase in the amount of site visits; the number of online users to register the increase in the number of 3, to promote the growth of online sales; the 4, direct sales.

      in response to this demand, the main market in the current promotion of the following models, in comparison with the pros and cons of the characteristics for reference.


      the right side of Google PPC keyword has a strong pertinence, and is charged per click, and the ranking is not merely for but a quality score and also decided to offer. Overall price is relatively high.

      but GOOGLE still exist many disadvantages in China localization process, Chinese problems such as user habits make it by other Chinese search engine out, the current use of GOOGLE Internet users began to decline, so the effect of marketing gradually fade.

      GOOGLE Adsense advertising, advertising is to expand the reach of target customers, but some service providers to join in order to increase the income, do not hesitate to take despicable means using a variety of methods, a large number of clicks advertising clients, resulting in a large number of invalid clicks. Since each day with the highest click value, so once the amount of the end of the day, the ad is no longer displayed on the day.

      2, BAIDU bidding:

      BAIDU as the leading engine and a strong network brand, its competitive products in the advertising effect has a good reputation. Search engine advertising is well deserved boss, the user base is very broad.

      BAIDU " claimed to be the most understand Chinese; " search engine; but for many small and medium enterprises BAIDU an obvious lack of it is the price of many keywords are relatively expensive " ", hits many enterprises do not have the economic strength to bear this level of keyword. Some companies even said that you can spend 200 to $300 a day, although the effect, but there is still a lack of input and price.

      for the user to click on the invalid clicks, it can be reasonable to speculate that there is no way to put an end to, and the price of the ranking