ADMIN5 webmaster network since its inception, has been the majority of webmaster friends of the strong support and help, the establishment of 3 years, a total of up to as many as 100 thousand members, but also get a lot of friends like and favor. Of course, there are still behind the results of this or that shortcomings and deficiencies.

in order to make ADMIN5 information even more to meet the needs of owners and friends, we carry out a webmaster, editors and writers QQ exchange activities. Let the reader, author and editor of our face-to-face exchanges and communication at the same time, and we urge you to point out the shortcomings, put forward valuable suggestions, so that we can broaden the editing ideas, improve working methods, improve the quality of Web site, in order to better service for the majority of owners.

discussion topics: free discussion about the ADMIN5 Editorial Department of the article some ideas and suggestions

discussion time: September 12th 16:30-17:30


discussion site: QQ group: 69948171 (group is full, do not add)

event rewards: if your proposal is adopted by us, we will reward 30QB.