Internet access to education, bringing the Internet education; the emergence of the mobile Internet, brought online education; the emergence of online education, brought about the transformation and transformation of education. Early school or online education are the perfect outlet to pseudo morph, and be long in coming of traditional educational institutions change into high-speed channel, aiming at O2O and the transition to consistent education. Part of the educational institutions is to achieve its own rapid growth, an education is to think of the transformation or various types of Internet thinking to complete the story of the capital, to achieve a successful entrepreneur logo – listed.

, however, up to now, why educational institutions is not a successful transition or case? The good future is to drive its science and technology, New Oriental Education in the downturn of the black hole and played several rules, and vigorously develop the two or three line of the city to complete responsibility for financial statements, another purpose is to start from scratch create a new attempt, because I want to see whether the New Oriental adjust, need to see the two or three line of the city, rather than large, because in all the principal with the performance as the core of the era, large, there is no reform courage or boldness, empathy if you are president of a large area of New Oriental, is called bear the water is still doing the growth performance of things, or the line stand being and doing Internet education reform, human is selfish, not created Era Hero, but the hero chose this era.

why the transition will fail, we have to think deeply, from the operation, from the human nature, from the market, from the office of politics, from strategy, etc..


1, alive, was up


a successful professional manager is to know how to choose, to understand the intentions of the top and the implementation of the choice. As a crossing variable transformation, a principal occupation will tend to choose self benefit maximization principle, then the so-called transition or reform is a long topic, rather than to walk. No doubt or anger, for you will have the same choice, because the company it is not their own, and I need to live, at least when the problem does not occur in their own.

if a large performance requirements under the Department of education can be reduced or at the pursuit of performance, rather than to the transformation of performance evaluation, then the institution reform will burst out of the most dazzling spark, but in fact this is not Suntech, this soul force couldn’t find second.

from the operation of rationality above, an education reform is always the bottom forced past the most outstanding reform, so that the old man from the south is a piece of land, has now become the most dazzling presence, so educational institutions reform or transformation needs from the beginning of the three or four line city, and gradually formed a reformist, and forced at the best to reform, because the entire organization at that time have been able to see the big performance on campus.

2, human nature: ease, or venture?

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