Each reporter Guo Rong

intern reporter Chen Pengli from Guangzhou

Guangzhou Haizhuqu District Kecun East Street "profit" convenience store in front of narrow but placed in the store People are hurrying to and fro., most prominently the shop treasure, it’s hard to attract passers-by and customer interest.

at the community electricity providers not only lakala. In May this year, SF express "Hey" in the community, water and electricity provider O2O, seize the community resources.

at the beginning of July this year announced a 1 store in Shanghai, the 300 "convenience store" opened the orders parcel from mentioning the service, Tmall, Jingdong and other electricity providers in the earlier layout of the community, set in a number of express convenience store collection point. Therefore, the mobile terminal in the electricity supplier "O2O bonus end war", the electricity supplier community under the line battle has been low-key opening.

, however, the war does not seem to be promising. What is the current status of the electricity supplier into the community, can attract a large number of users?? recently, the "daily economic news" reporters in Guangzhou investigation, found that the electricity supplier is still "jerky" in the community, compared with their enthusiasm, the user responded coldly.

Development status of

giants have entered the community stores as "xiangbobo"

the community "battle" can be traced back to 2012. At that time, Tmall and Jiaxing fast E point cooperation launched the Tmall community service station, in Zhejiang and other provinces of the community layout points. Tmall official website information display, the current Tmall in 137 counties and cities in Hongkong with a total of tens of thousands of express delivery points. "The main city of Tmall service station partners include E, hi, good fast, de Meiyijia etc.. In Guangdong, Tmall around the size of the city community Meiyijia convenience stores as a collection point.

Follow the footsteps of Ali

, Jingdong, shop No. 1 is also stepping up the pace, in the community around the cloth, to increase user stickiness. Jingdong hand good neighbors, Meiyijia convenience store etc.. Shop No. 1, also announced in early July in Shanghai 300 "convenience store" opened the orders parcel from mentioning the service.

is currently the major electricity supplier sites, community efforts have an increasing trend. From the convenience store from mentioning electricity supplier has spread to the community or school, even small shops surrounding laundry barber shop shop.

2013, the third party payment platform launched Kara shop treasure, low cut electricity supplier in the field of small and micro businesses, the main users of the community is the "treasure shop". Alipay and "go out", Kara select cut from the community electricity supplier. Lacarra President Sun Taoran earlier in an interview with the media said, "Kara will eat this dish community electricity supplier."


publicist Xu Ying to the "daily economic news" reporter said, the Kara community electricity supplier O2O community as the core, the shop treasure terminal as the carrier, connected to the supply source and the community, consumers through the shop treasure to complete the purchase, payment and.