recently, in the "new deal after · how to start the 2016 Ebang cross-border e-commerce summit theme, babe network co-founder Ke Zunyao published entitled" facing the new era of the opportunity to mother shopping "speech. He said that the maternal industry need to focus to Beibei is brave, this industry is one of the few "unicorn" enterprises.

baby through a short span of 2 years of rapid development, has become China’s largest professional maternal and child APP, more than 50 million users. At the beginning of this year, Questmobile released data from the point of view, the time has been occupied by the babe user after Taobao, and other Jingdong APP few.

Ke Zunyao said that regardless of how the policy and cross-border change, regardless of how the overall consumption of maternal and child, there are a few key points will not change:

first, the need to upgrade.

second, the new generation of brand strength has been derived and outbreak.

third, the continued expansion of productive forces.

fourth, social integration of resources is also more and more optimized, including express, warehousing and logistics system.

fifth, in addition to cross-border, domestic demand is also a point we need to focus on, the new generation of Chinese brand strength is not to be ignored.

following Ke Zunyao’s speech record

today our topic is "cross border". In the past 2 years, the development of on-line babe network 2014, babe network through 2 years of development, has obtained some good growth in the infant industry, the user volume, including transaction size, users daily living, babe network has become the first in the China maternal electricity supplier, the electricity supplier company ranking before these five, we can see through the third party data.

in the past 2 years, cross-border and mother and child are inseparable. Bei Bei’s development is also in line with the whole new era of maternal and child, as well as in the past 2 years, the process of the rapid development of cross-border, we also made some new opportunities and breakthroughs.

from the consumer environment, the industry environment to see why the baby is in a beautiful era

in the past 2 years, maternal or cross-border or are from the blue ocean rapid access to a piece of red blood in the Red Sea, I also participate in such a "shopping" process. The past two years is facing a new era of maternal and child, and in the past few years, the traditional mother and child electricity supplier and the line is very different from the traditional mother and child industry. In the past, we are faced with a huge market, while facing many challenges and opportunities, including brutal competition.

in the past 2 years, maternal consumers and the expansion of the past year two-child policy liberalization, the rapid growth of consumer groups. After 80, 90 also slowly become the mother of the crowd of consumer groups, such a consumer groups, including such a mother and child industry groups, will bring the whole of China >