Changchun on 3 May, (reporter Zhao Mengzhuo) to implement the new consumer law more than in January, although many shop green label marked "seven days no reason to return, but in the product details but that" is not acceptable because the size is not suitable for themselves and other reasons to return ". Jilin provincial Trade and Industry Bureau official said, this phenomenon is illegal, such as consumers in such overlord sellers rights blocked, you can complain to the business sector.

The new consumer law

began in March 15th this year clearly stipulates that the sales network, television, mail and other goods, consumers can be no reason to return within seven days, and without justification. However, some of the shop is still in a variety of excuses, such as: "we cannot try to provide free services, before buying please size" "we do not accept because of wearing not good-looking and return".

more shop, said the special mode of operation, clothing in the absence of quality problems are not refundable. In view of the provisions of Taobao, when you have to be able to deal with a single appointment." Here the so-called "agreement", which allows buyers and sellers to sign the "guarantee", namely "I agree since 2014 X month X day with your store of all transactions in quality after receiving problems are not returned for" surprised to consumers.

often online shopping Changchun public Liu Weiwei said that many consumers do not understand the new consumer law, some businesses will target these people to". "Once buyers tell the new consumer law, or ask the Taobao platform to intervene, the return will be easily." She said.

Jilin province

Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant responsible person said that the new consumer law provisions on the return of online shopping just practice, have exposed some problems, such as return complicated procedures and long time business with all kinds of excuses, to be gradually standardized.