LitPick is a special review website, it is special, because of LitPick’s book are young writer, and the book is written by the students are young. It can be said that LitPick is for young readers of teenagers writers review website.

as long as you love reading, but also is the fourth grade above (including the fourth grade) students, you can register as a user of LitPick (book). Registered as a LitPick user can use, apply to LitPick books, and books will be sent to your hand, after reading you want to write a book, if the book published in LitPick, the book that you can receive your comments. If you are a teenager writer, you can also submit your own work to LitPick to get the reader’s comments.

said above is only suitable for domestic users, if you are outside the United States student users can also registered as a LitPick book. However, non American users can only comment on e-books. In addition, in order to maintain the characteristics of the community, non adolescent students can not become LitPick users. Teachers, librarians and parents can help their children set up a Book Club on LitPick.

Seth · co-founder

LitPick; Cassell (Seth Cassel) experience quite legendary, he in 2002 when he and his father started his first company, FlamingNet, he was on the fourth grade at that time. FlamingNet is also a book review website, and has been profitable.


referring to the experience of · Cassell said: "I just write on the website first, then the editor noticed us, and then began to send me some books, let me write the book. Soon after, I received the invitation book more and more, I can handle it, so I began to ask my friends to help me write. Later, more and more people to join us, they come from all over the country, making my site a bit like the young literary version of the rotten tomatoes network (" Seth · Cassell is now grown up, also entered the Harvard University to study. FlamingNet has now become a LitPick, LitPick design and FlamingNet than it seems to be a little more professional.


· Cassell said: "although is very successful, has accumulated a certain popularity, but we think bigger, and to develop it into a company, we should focus on e-books. Li>