we have received many letters from the publisher, reflecting the difficult problem of the mail receiving PIN code. Because the PIN code message from the US by ordinary mail, relying on the postal system of multinational, will inevitably lead to the loss of mail, we apologize.

in order to better serve the vast number of publishers in China, to speed up the process of your PIN code authentication, we provide you with a more secure and convenient solution – identity information authentication services.

now, you can submit your account information and identity card information through this online form, we will verify by third parties. Please be sure to fill in the "name" column to fill in the Chinese name, and fully consistent with the identity card, otherwise we will not be able to verify.


if your ID card information is verified, we will manually help you through the PIN code verification, and notify you by e-mail within 10 days, you do not need to carry out PIN code verification. In order to avoid you have not received a notification message brought inconvenience, we will be in the monthly 10, 20, 30, in the AdSense forum announcement recently released by the publisher ID (verification for the protection of information privacy, we will be on the number of encrypted), you can then see.

we also kindly remind you, please provide the true identity card number for verification, if you have used the wrong name to register the account, you can click here to close the account. Thanks to the majority of publishers have been Google AdSense support, I hope our new service can make you feel convenient and satisfied.

* Please note that your identity card number will only be used for the verification of our third party organization, and we will not disclose this information to any other organization or individual without your consent.