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news November 18th, after yesterday’s "new network accused of domain name theft", the event has made new progress, the domain name industry safety Husheng said on TechWeb, Beijing yesterday to help recover the 12 stolen domain name.

domain name to reflect the TechWeb yesterday, many of the CN domain name registered in the new network theft, including,,, and other valuable domain names. Ann said he only managed Husheng, in the new network domain name recently had more than and 10 stolen, a preliminary estimate of 10 million yuan.

he said, stolen two cases, one is transferred to other domain name holders, two is transferred to other agents such as domain name, name Chinese.

It is reported that

, 12 new network domain recovery, most of which have been transferred to the Registrar "" Chinese ", there are still two a domain name has not yet recovered, registered institutions currently displayed is" Guangdong internet".

TechWeb call Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), the relevant responsible personnel inquiries, registration authority,,,,, domain name display for the new network, and yesterday, the registration authority for the domain name China display.

TechWeb call new product and marketing director Zhang Zhi, whose phone is in a state of no answer. (E)

                new network refers to the vulnerability of the domain name theft caused by the user said to consider claims