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and online education, online travel industry this year has been the capital concern, not only Ctrip, eLong, where to do large capital operation, there are many new companies, such as the tourism community poor tour, ant nest, bread travel, the way cattle, the same way and so many are obtained from BAT investment, the way cattle even have submit SEC listing application.

so good situation of traditional travel operators will see, UTour is one of them: This is the first listed A shares of private travel agencies, positioning is outbound business including wholesale, retail and business award in 2013, the three business proportion is 56%, 23%, respectively. 21%, in the way cattle are wholesale the ranking of big customers.

according to the first earnings report in April 3rd UTour listed after the release of the 2013, its revenue 3 billion 5 million yuan, an increase of 39.78% over 2012; net profit of 87 million 468 thousand and 800 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 41.53%. The objective that the earnings is also good, especially with the continued hot outbound tourism, the number of outbound with the group will continue to rise, but UTour also had to face a future trend: mobile and internet.

although UTour also has its own website, but more people are still consulting to store query orders, according to earnings in 2013 UTour through the website and call centers and other online sales channels to achieve turnover of 180 million yuan, although the growth of 47.67% in 2012, but the proportion of total revenue is only 5.99%.

exit freedom of nearly 1-2 years began fiery, but with the group tour is still the mainstream, the reason is that the higher barriers to travel abroad, the service provided by travel agencies, it is difficult to completely replaced by standardized products. The Internet and mobile for tide has swept over, UTour chairman Feng Bin said: first of all, this is an important channel; then, it should be the use of mobile Internet and the characteristics of product innovation. For the tourism industry, the core is still product + service, when the integration of Internet technology and tourism products, to provide users with value-added tourism services, is the real change in the Internet tourism.

therefore, although UTour is actively layout of the Internet channel, but this growth space is not only to seize the sales, new revenue growth comes from the creation of new values, such as truly achieve through innovative Internet technology: users only need to book the tickets and the hotel in UTS Web or mobile terminal, after reaching the destination according to the service demand of free shopping in the local delivery of uts.

Feng Bin ask:


from wholesale to downstream retail


we have observed a number of institutions to do more than and 100 years, their path is: first do wholesale, accumulate a certain product base slowly do retail, do retail business to do upstream, with the hotel