real data is an important basis for business decisions.

I have been interviewed as a business reporter, or later contacted by a new generation of entrepreneurs, eight Chengdu is extremely obsessed with data decisions.

American CEO Wang Xing, the office with seven or eight monitors, is to grasp the market data of the first hand, to make decisions quickly, which makes the U.S. group can become employees of over 10000, the market value of billions of dollars is still the rapid growth of the company. Drops taxi founder Cheng Wei every day and the team to analyze market data, in order to make subsidies, marketing strategies. Hungry Mody founder Zhang Xuhao had introduced him to me in the best of spirits according to NBA basketball player data analysis system for the production of "Walle", based on business data to analyze the ability of each employee’s value, to determine the transfer of personnel.

make decisions with data, which is one of the important advances in the Internet era of business. But terrible, such as Ai Rui, talkingdata, Analysys International, QuestMobile, etc. Chinese leading Internet company data, in recent years began to have data fraud events, and more.

February 2016 data report, the founder of today’s headlines accusing Zhang Yiming iResearch released false, iResearch report headlines today DAU (Daily Active User, the number of active users) is only 9 million 679 thousand and 900, and today’s headlines, said TalkingData, TrustData, QuestMobile and three party data agency report, today’s headlines are more than DAU thirty million.



data industry fraud incident released "coincidentally, Chinese female tool APP market monthly monitoring report in January 2014" report in early 2014 and Eric enfodesk, also released a similar report, but these reports are insiders revealed, according to the report pointed out that this number is ranked by a female APP company "buyout" Analysys and iResearch in order to highlight the women APP company data fraud.


one, the Internet data industry terrible business model

caused this intensified, the entire Internet data industry collective fraud, because the Chinese data industry a vicious cycle of the birth of the business model.

today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming said that the release of "suppressing" iResearch data report headlines today, was once asked to invest in today’s headlines failed, after demanding for high cost in today’s headlines, only in the headlines today embedded Eric SDK (data collection code), rejected, Eric "let" DAU data today’s headlines have years of stagnant growth, to draw a headline "death curve", in order to blackmail the today’s headlines.