Re/code Chinese station on March 29th reported

of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) announced this week, has been the use of methods from third parties to break the last San Bernardino shootings murderer Saeed · Farooq (Syed Farook) by iPhone 5c. Therefore, FBI is no longer seeking legal means to ask apple to unlock the iPhone.

the United States Department of Justice said in court documents: "the government has successfully obtained iPhone data stored in Farouk, therefore no longer require the assistance of apple."

file did not disclose the methods used by government departments, but also did not disclose what specific information in the phone. The document just said, FBI access to a mobile phone information security features, access to the phone data.

the US government announced last week that it would delay a legal dispute with apple. At that time, an unknown third party raised, there is a way to get the data in this iPhone.

U.S. Department of justice had tried to All law based on the 1789 Writs Act forced apple to break the phone, which sparked heated debate. Apple refused to cooperate with the United States Department of justice, and that privacy protection and development with the back door software will not be conducive to the global iPhone users, and set a dangerous precedent for other countries, other countries may also lead to the same request of apple.

issued a notice on Monday, the U.S. Department of justice spokesman Melanie · (Melanie) made it clear that although the incident has been resolved, but there may be a similar conflict in the future may be Newman. She said: "whether through related party cooperation, cooperation or resort to the law in case of failure, to ensure access to digital information of key judicial departments, protect national and public safety is an important priority in government departments. For this mission, we will continue to seek all possible options, including cooperation with relevant manufacturers, as well as rely on government and civil creativity."

U.S. attorney Aileen · Dekker (Eileen Decker) said: "although the investigation in this step has been completed, but we will continue to study each clue, seeking any appropriate legal action to ensure that the investigation can be collected and all the evidence related to the terrorist attacks."

Apple has yet to comment.