Abstract: in a world of bits we despise chain of violence and coerced opposing network violence, in the hustle and bustle of judgment, you lose heart at the beginning of


‘s rise to the word "despise the chain" is based on a 2012 report by the Southern Metropolis Daily, "a chain of contempt: a social psychological analysis of the subtle sense of superiority in life". Look from the reality of every hue chain spread to the network, whether we admit it or not, are intentionally or accidentally pulled into the contempt chain of a layer, despise others or by others in contempt, contempt chain fashion, but we will not gain any contempt.

vicious circle: ubiquitous Internet despise chain

1, the Internet industry despise chain

domestic Internet Co: BAT> veteran Internet Co > three new board > AB round of financing > Angel round > zero financing

China’s Internet belongs to you, but also belong to us, but ultimately belong to BAT. In 2015, the Tencent to produce social Empire break billion transcripts; Ali increased media, music, and other external financial business investment continues to expand its territory; Baidu has formed a complete ecological closed-loop payment through Baidu wallet, Baidu Nuomi, Baidu and other takeaway.

three Internet giants like standing on the tip of the domestic Internet to come out, a trend which cannot be halted. Welfare is good, earn much, the prospect is wide let BAT become the top of the chain of Internet Co despise – although lonely, but particularly glorious.

ten years is a hom. From 2005 to 2015, some veteran Internet enterprises in the ten year spell, the decline to four portals, once prominent today, they can only sigh to catch the tide of mobile Internet share, wasted time of the suddenness of a thunderbolt and they will be shot dead on the beach, but even so, their eyes also look down on small entrepreneurial firms financing or just to get started.

thin dead camel than ma.

Internet Co internal: Technology > market > product > operation > edit

all kinds of recruitment websites and Internet related occupation, post salary is high, and the professional science and engineering, science and technology superiority in Internet occupation on the performance of no technology, no network.

technology inside there is a contempt chain, write iOS engineers despise writing Android engineers, write Android engineers despise writing Windows Phone engineer. Despise engage in program development for front end of the test, the test code in front of do despise, despise the knock code to do the design, each layer is laid out a cold attitude and "you what is this stuff, I is the core technology of" self-confidence.

and market