.How,.Work,.Money,.YoGA…… In the coming months, we will have more of this new domain name. These domain names are known as the generic top-level domain name (gTLDs), these domains can finally be used recently,.Buzz,.Cool,.Tips,.Beer,.Wtf…… Only you can not think, can not do.

less than a year ago, there were only 22 generic top-level domains on the Internet, such as.Com,.Net,.Org, etc.. After the name of the Internet and digital address allocation of the non-profit organization that the previous domain name is not enough, so open up a new generic top-level domain name. This time, the Internet more than nearly 1500 domain names. We officially transition from the.Com era to the.

The emergence of the new domain name

brings us great opportunities, especially those who want to use interesting domain names and quickly noticed by the start-up companies, they can apply for.Mobile,.App and.Sexy domain names.

not only makes people feel themselves, these new domains can indeed create many new opportunities for us, such as health food enterprises can be registered ".Diet" domain name, fitness equipment enterprise can be registered ".Fitness" domain. Now a lot of people in the new registered domain name, if you have a pet shop operator, you’d better go immediately to seize the.Dog or.Cat domain name suffix.

Internet is changing, if you do not immediately start, the opportunity will slip away from the hands. In the past few years, we have seen the importance of topic symbols. The new domain name suffix will follow a similar trajectory.

located in the domain name administration of NetNames has just released a white paper, they said, by the end of 2020, these gTLDs will bring the Internet users into a large number of communities of interest, such as sports loving people browse.Sports sites, travel preferences of people browsing.Holiday sites. These domains will also affect the way people use the browser, because it is clear that the domain name is easier to remember. NetNames’s survey shows that 59% of Internet users want to be able to use the domain name to remember better, so that the Internet to find what they are really interested in.

in addition, the new domain name is more friendly to users in non English speaking countries. For example, existing.In (India),.Cn (China) and.Jp (Japan), these domain names can sometimes cause confusion for users. After the emergence of the new generic top-level domain, these countries can better allow users to remember their own web pages, such as.Beijing,.Shanghai and.Guangzhou.

at the same time, for the creation of India