in late April, IKEA (China) said that the group headquarters has finally realized how many users of China’s Internet users, the number of consumers demand, confirmed that this year will launch online shopping services in china.

however, this attitude seems to be the face of IKEA


before that, even if the O2O wind had blown to the Chinese, but Home Furnishing retail giant IKEA has repeatedly stressed that under the line of personal independence of conduct, the ultimate shopping experience.

According to IKEA

2015 annual report, IKEA has a total of 13 market with the online sales platform, the number of global (28) half of these online business in the last year only bring for the group’s sales of 1 billion euros, the total income of only 3%.


IKEA itself does not catch the electric heat, does not mean that other people will not play this small abacus, especially in the Chinese folk wisdom surging.

DT Jun with IKEA purchasing this keyword in Taobao search, out of the shop has more than 3000…… Not to mention some of the keyword search is not the cottage business.

is the most famous example, to the number of factories in 12 generation China and IKEA break after Baotuan established that his own, "Scarlett imagey".

full of IKEA wind electricity supplier, settled in October 2012 Tmall, in the year, double 11 day hit a sales of 2 million yuan.

from logo, slogans to the furniture style, Jia Yi beauty is really not a word from IKEA:



(source: Jia Yi beauty Tmall flagship store)

in such a context, you may wonder, IKEA himself now think to do online shopping in Chinese, is it too late? Mr. DT decided to do an evaluation based on big data.


1 Home Furnishing providers represent the general trend thriving

, minimalist style

market outlook assumes


according to the CBNData release of the Chinese home style consumer preferences insight report, China’s household electricity supplier is in a period of rapid development:

2013-15, the online home market expansion of 2.3 times, the annual volume growth remained at around 40%.


in the huge market, IKEA represents a simple and practical design is more lovable Nordic style:

in 2015, just a simple modern wind and European style home orders accounted for more than 70% of the total order, IKEA’s market is quite broad.