network headquarters gathered everywhere


after the number of group purchase site closed down in April this year, is still in the top ten gathered nets, due to funding strand breaks crisis, owed hundreds of merchant payment. At present, the company is headquartered in Haidian Danleng Street No. 18 building four layer wealth of the company, it is empty, leaving the waste paper everywhere.

scene witnessed furniture appliances were removed

yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the wealth building, at the door of a car parked van, someone is carrying chair, desk and other furniture. In the elevator floor room, the reporter saw the ground has piled up 1 meter high station clapboard, constantly moving things people in and out. Located on the four floor of the gathered company scale is not small, occupying nearly a floor area. The hall is already devastated, dozens of businesses are in the office to "mop up" the last bit of valuable items. Some businesses on the telephone contact the nearest old home appliance market.

"I gathered network cooperation and have more than two years." A person engaged in the tourism industry of the merchant said, from the beginning of last year, he found the net loan default is always together. Hurry up, hit a part of the past, the rest will not drag." Yesterday morning, see micro-blog released gathered nets are hundreds of merchants come to collect debts after the news, he hurried to here, but it was too late, had slightly the value of money is a merchant away".

merchant site responsible person recalls on account of

is a moving house furniture merchants told reporters that she is a ticketing company, at present, has gathered their company 60 thousand yuan debt owed. Drag has not given money, we have to come or not to." The name of the merchant said she heard that up to 900 thousand yuan owed most businesses. The data show that the network gathered on-line in June 7, 2010, founded by the former 58 city COO Geng cloud breeze, from the United States Groupon group purchase website business model, and promote the in-depth localization services in the country opened 15 city sites. However, after the bubble burst in the purchase, the gradual contraction of the station off.

"I was at 10 a.m. on August 1st." A beauty shop merchant said, in the morning, a lot of arrears payment businesses similar to the network headquarters gathered to discuss the debt. By 4 in the afternoon, the situation was very bad. A person in charge of the network name Geng had said no money, can only give us on account." But this solution has aroused the dissatisfaction of many businesses, because there is no specific time to write IOU and repayment. In order to reduce their losses, many businesses began to move together in the company computer network and other valuable electrical appliances.

the evening of August 1st, those to the appliance has been slightly moved, the remaining heavy furniture, dun merchants did not give up. "Another day, it is estimated that it can only be seen"