Issued "Notice of the Ministry of industry and information technology on further in-depth remediation plan" mobile phone pornography special action

days before the Ministry of industry and information technology, strengthening technology, improve the management level, improve the mobile phone jurisprudence site found disposal mechanism. In addition, it will strictly regulate the behavior of the mobile Internet on behalf of the charges, and strictly clean up the problem of access to resources layers of sublease, and earnestly implement the site access responsibilities.

domain name registration and management services to improve the management measures to prevent illegal websites using the transform domain name means to evade regulation: one is to establish and perfect the domain name holder blacklist mechanism, will be shut down the website domain name holders included in the blacklist; two is to provide domain name registration information strictly implement the domain name registration applicant should submit true, accurate and complete the name of the transfer and others, must be re registered, in violation of the above provisions, in accordance with the law shall be cancelled; three is to not be resolved without registration (including website domain name; jump) four is the site of jurisprudence and illegal to stop the domain name legally recognized in the relevant departments at the same time, the domain name holder suspended all other DNS, timely report to the Certification Department for processing, the domain name holder will be included in the blacklist.

to strengthen the site record information authenticity verification, Ministry of industry and information technology will send supplementary notice in 2010 1 month, requires basic telecom enterprises and various access service providers before the communications authority to submit a site for the record, to the identity information of face verification, retained a copy of valid documents, to review the main website information, contact information and access to the site for the record, and local communications administration submitted for verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record certificate.

the requirements of the Ministry of industry, June 30, 2010, the basic telecom companies to complete the rectification of the generation of mobile phone Internet charges link: one is the rectification of mobile phone charges on behalf of the content of jurisprudence problems exposed in charge generation protocols, daily dialing weak link measurement and so on; the two is to regulate the implementation of collection process, immediately stop illegal; three do not have the charges on behalf of effective control means and ability, can not provide service charges.

is a strict cleaning access resource layers of sublease problem, the Ministry proposed three measures: one is before January 30, 2010, to complete the investigation of enterprise internal resource access layers of sublease problems; the two is to take effective measures to combat telecommunications resources again sublet behavior; three is to recover after the user’s leased access resources dealing with the aftermath to avoid affecting the normal use of the legitimate users; four is to access resource management responsibilities to specific departments and personnel; five are serious accountability related personnel, completely eliminate the phenomenon of resource access layers of sublease.

notice also requires basic telecom operators and service providers to access to the website access links to conduct a comprehensive rectification: one is the access service providers must be licensed, access to the site must obtain a business license or registration, in violation of relevant personnel should be held responsible. The two is to provide access to the services of the site signed an information security management agreement, the agreement did not sign up immediately signed, but the agreement signed