Guangzhou daily news (reporter Xue Song) tens of thousands of people on the size of the micro business team is facing a crisis in the industry, the recent emergence of the brand pressure, agents roll off the situation.


reporter interviewed many micro business people and experts, they believe that many factors lead to the fermentation performance generally declined, the loss of contradictions detonated early, generating a route to shake, industry.

micro practitioners or tens of millions of people

is a so-called "derivative strong brother" claimed to have 8 WeChat and WeChat each of nearly 5000 people, a total of nearly 40 thousand people, 10 thousand of whom are doing derivative business, 80% of them are engaged in the mask sales, other cosmetics, bags, shoes, watches, jewelry, food etc..


derivative with WeChat active circle of friends, for personal, no business registration, with a kind of invisible resources (human consumption credit etc.) as a means to use WeChat and other social circles for the channel, the new mode of self after the purchase of goods for resale. The media quoted data, there are tens of millions of people taking the number of micro, annual trading volume of 65 billion yuan, has become a larger marketing group, it is not exaggerated and rendering the


reporter also learned from a number of micro business, the agency has been as high as over one million people, coupled with the media hype, a large number of practitioners to join, there are certainly tens of millions.

well-known micro media from the media side of the rain a lot of fans are micro business, and micro business exchanges every day, familiar with the industry. He estimated that the derivative group annual turnover is estimated more than 10 billion yuan, "the leader of the Han, Si Bu brand has had a turnover of billions of yuan, recently said publicly that the tax amount of Si Bu has more than two hundred million yuan, according to my observation to calculate, derivative transactions last year should be over one hundred billion yuan. This is equivalent to a quarter of Jingdong trading volume."

uncontrolled development agent to go fishing

in recent months, micro business performance stalled, described by the media "to show signs of collapse, the industry began to brand manufacturers, agents Juankuan run away the pressure of the situation, many consumers repeatedly cheated.

but some micro business people believe that only a few months of decline is particularly evident, not collapse, however, the industry outlook is not optimistic.

Analysis of

rain, derivative products are no government agency of dragons and fishes jumbled together, the market for the product inspection and supervision, inferior products of the market test.

for the micro business upstream brands, mostly short-term, quick success, there is no reasonable enough for agent training, customer service, product publicity drainage and other support, only money delivery agent heart hurt.

as a result, the uncontrolled development of brand agent, a pure agent that micro business can get rich, holding cash to come in, do not have the ability of retail. A large number of agents do not get enough support, coupled with the