enterprise blog is very beneficial for the enterprise, especially for the funds is not enough, the technology is not very strong small and medium enterprises. If small and medium enterprises want to promote their own businesses and products, and want a small investment returns, then corporate blog can help you. The benefits of corporate blogs needless to say, the following Xiaobian to recommend the most suitable to build corporate blog hosting space – host 91.


Hongkong top computer room, mainland China

now hosts many suppliers, according to the classification area is mainly divided into three kinds: the domestic price is expensive, the configuration is not high, the access speed is relatively fast, the need for the record; host the United States in the domestic slow access speed, easy to be wall, although the price is low relatively good quality; Hongkong host supplier less the configuration, moderate, moderate prices, access speed, and free for the record. Hongkong host cost-effective, small and medium enterprises to choose the host is no longer suitable for Hongkong. Host 91 uses a top Hongkong data center, Continental line, to ensure the speed, performance and stability of each virtual host space.

free blog template, save money and effort

a good corporate blog to enhance the overall image of enterprises, small and medium enterprises in the brand has not been known to consumers under the condition of more is to shape the corporate image, promote their own enterprises and products. Host 91 to provide users with free site templates, templates of a wide variety of types, and can also be customized according to the specific needs of the user specifically for the site, of course, which also includes corporate blog. Host 91 with the most professional technology and the most attentive service, for your business tailored to your business blog, fully reflect the professional and characteristics of your business.

do not need to record, save time and worry

in the country to build a website, inevitably spend a lot of time and effort for the record. And if the deadline (20 days) failed to get the record number, the record is not successful, it will face the risk of being shut down the site, of course, corporate blog is also true. So a lot of Companies in the construction of corporate blog, usually consider the choice of the virtual hosting space, which will save you a lot of time and energy. Host 91 of the total computer room in Hongkong, no record can be used, save time and effort, this is a small series of personal experience.

WordPress host space

now more and more enterprises or individuals to build independent blog love WordPress, Xiaobian use in building their own blog space is WordPress host host 91, I use a professional grade WordPress, if enterprises can choose the enterprise level WordPress space. WordPress has a template system, which contains a number of application gadgets to support a key installation, even if you >