technology news, August 4th news, yesterday evening, cool disk statement, due to the business adjustment, cool disk will stop new user registration and data upload service from August 10, 2015, and stop the personal network storage service from October 10, 2015 onwards.

cool disk was founded in 2011, co founded by angel investors Xue Manzi and Internet Express CEO Huang Mingming. October 2011, access to DCM lead investment B round of investment totaling $20 million. In September 2013, Alibaba was acquired at a price lower than the valuation (less than $30 million). Cool disk CEO Gu Zhicheng and his team to join the Alibaba group, marking the beginning of Ali to enter the personal cloud storage business.

below is the full text of the statement:

cool disk user:

sincerely thank you for a long time on the cool disk of the trust and support!

has been, is committed to providing users with a dedicated professional user network storage services to ensure the stability and security of user data storage.

as a result of the company’s business adjustment, cool disk from August 10, 2015 to stop the registration of new users and data upload services, and from the beginning of October 10, 2015 to stop the individual user network storage services.

this adjustment will comply with the relevant national policies. In order to ensure the security of your data, please download the backup or transfer data as soon as possible until October 10, 2015. After October 10, 2015, the original cool disk account all data will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

thank you all the way along, once again sincerely say sorry.