September 29 Xinhua (reporter Ye Jian) in autumn, the leaves have not sweep, public no amount of reading the bubble.

today’s WeChat circle of friends, came waves through the emperor’s new clothes laughing. By reading the amount of brush tool failure, some "big V" the number of public reading number showed a cliff style decline that tens of thousands of individual reading, suddenly fell to a few thousand or even hundreds of.

"low tide to know who is swimming naked." The accidental failure of the amount of brush tools, exposed to WeChat as the main body of the media industry from the huge bubble. Previously, both for advertisers, WeChat platform or writers, high traffic has the brush brush on the Taobao It is quite common for, even the amount of product price is the record low. In spite of all the number of reading of the authenticity of the doubts, but the emergence of the "one hundred thousand plus" articles, or hold up more lively from the media industry and media advertising offer grow with each passing day.

bubble burst, the damage is not just the reader that fragmentation of the time, but the whole economic environment of the internet. In the popularity of the investment value of the Internet industry, popularity is embodied as the click through rate, the amount of reading, the number of fans. Brush out the amount of the real value of the bubble. The result of market alienation, is bad money to expel good money, damage the healthy development of the industry as a whole.

public number of bubbles is a microcosm of the current Internet industry bubble. Electricity supplier brush, brush the amount of the application store, the network about the car brush subsidies, the number of public reading brush, etc., are harmful to the Internet industry virus. Originally should be open and transparent Internet, but because of these false aura, was born some illusory bubble. The accompanying consequences are, or even tens of millions of yuan of enterprise valuation, blowing a puffiness of the enterprise.

bubble terrible, not only in the bubble itself, but also in the distorted value of other industries to produce the siphon effect". Beware of the bubble, but also to guard against the bubble prone, and even keen to create foam rules. Once the false prosperity of the market to induce capital from the real to virtual, the harm may be the healthy development of the entire national economy.