fourth Chinese Internet webmaster annual meeting will be held on May 17th in Beijing the Great Wall Hotel, which is Comsenz (Comsenz) and laggards (im286.com) jointly organized the eight year anniversary of the founding of the party webmaster. The station will be the growth in the end "as the theme, a profound discussion on bainianweiyu crisis, China Internet webmaster how to make good use of the industry fundamentals were steady and rapid development of reserves.

this year is 2006, 2007, 2008 after three years after the meeting held in fourth, and before the three session of the meeting is not the same, this year in addition to a main venue, the venue also set up another three theme forum, respectively SNS and open platform, marketing, and local the vertical community host domain name market industry three specially discusses the topic. There will be nearly 100 guests from all walks of life to participate in the speech, discussion. At the same time, "stationmaster" clubs around the country liaison will also be present at the meeting, thematic reports over the Internet development and dynamic webmaster are expected across the country this year, nearly 1000 Internet practitioners, owners to participate in annual festival.

In addition to the annual meeting of the

will be the direction of the exchange of industry, business topics, technical discussions, etc., this year will be more of an advocate of the growth in the end of the concept. Since the second half of 2008, with the global financial crisis triggered by the adjustment of the real economy, all industries are facing severe challenges. Fortunately, in this hundred years of financial crisis, China’s Internet industry is one of the few affected by the financial crisis. Data show that in Chinese Internet industry from 2008 to 2009 on the occasion of the successful implementation of the historical leap from 200 million users to 300 million Internet users; Chinese Internet advertising is growing rapidly, from 2007 9 billion to 2008 13 billion yuan across, is expected in 2009 will continue to grow by more than 35%……

at the beginning of 2009, many multinational companies and well-known enterprises issued a negative performance expectations, many companies even through layoffs to drive down costs, in order to resist the revenue decline brought about by the decline in performance and loss; even less affected by the enterprise, also reduce spending in an effort to control the cost in various ways; enterprises in the food and clothing, old people enclasp pocket. In an uncomfortable market atmosphere, everyone’s emotions, nerves and judgment are challenged.

but in 2009 the Internet industry is a different landscape, China Internet industry usher in a more diversified competition situation, in addition to the traditional portals, search engines and online gaming community, open platform and social network (SNS) has been leading the trend of innovation, Internet users are more frequently through the interaction between the people and the Internet the Internet and the new opportunity is also approached us about SNS. Therefore, even in the adverse macroeconomic environment, with good fundamentals of China’s Internet industry is still a good development and achievements