shielding off site ads, perhaps this means more questions.

for advertisers, online advertising may increasingly become the focus of their attention. But for ordinary Internet users, the screen is full of advertising is really annoying thing. If there is a solution, would you like to try it?

more ads, more ads intercept

there are a lot of free content on the Internet, which is well known. At the same time, it is also clear that the price of free is usually paid attention to.

2014, the global online advertising market has reached $120 billion. But with the rapid development of advertising interception tools. This allows users to plug their own browser browser plug-in, since 2013 after 3 years, the number of users in the world has increased from 40 million to 2 hundred million.

but it’s not easy not to see an advertisement. It is usually only the technology lovers who can prevent the appearance of the advertising window. More people still have to accept the extra information for the content of the web site. Therefore, the advertising interception behavior has not been advertisers attention.

today, however, people are less receptive to advertising. Especially young people, more impatient for online advertising. At the same time, the major browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, are beginning to appear quickly installed ad blocker.

advertising interception has become a business

When it comes to advertising interception,

had to mention the German company Eyeo, it’s advertising intercept tool Adblock Plus since its launch, has exceeded 400 million downloads.

relies on advertising for a living site, apparently will not let this thing let things drift. To this end, the German times weekly and the business daily will be on the court. But the end result is that Eyeo has not been convicted of infringement. Since then, Eyeo has won three lawsuits in germany.


Eyeo does is not just to make money for these sites. In fact, it would also like to profit. The company, has launched the white list program, so that some of the ads on the site can be displayed properly. Of course, it’s charge. Even the financial times broke the news, in order to display the normal page advertising, even Google, Amazon and Microsoft are compromised and become its customers. The company is now, at least it can let some companies make money, but also need to maintain the "white list" cost.

can go on like this, the business is not good to do these sites. Media companies such as ProSiebenSat.1, had to bear it silently in 2014, so the loss of 9 million 200 thousand euros (about RMB 64 million 300 thousand) >