Baidu in the market peak threatened by growing crises

      1, Google – China market is not difficult, as long as the Google down to imitate Baidu is (I had been using Google, just before a period of time Google is always blocked, unable to login with Baidu).

      2, the development of search engine technology has encountered a bottleneck, that is, the ambiguity of search, non intelligent, deceptive, keyword search of a single. This can be seen from Baidu, Google who can not see the core technology, model, so engage in a number of other things.

      3, Baidu is too utilitarian, abuse of monopoly power of their own, contrary to the objective and fair principle of search engine, web spam flooding and the search effect is reduced (indeed, every search, I only read the first two pages, but also often can not find the necessary something).

      4, the advertising effect is not good, profit model and limited profitability, which now appears to be a fragile key.

      5, with new people online communication mode is popular, such as hot Facebook, new ways of creating information exchange and search, accurate search and accurate advertising, search engine dependent decline, not an exaggeration to say a word, can put the search engine integration and weakening.

      6, more advanced, said that the future may be customized search engine, the individual release of web spiders for web search.