JJ exchange group, through the video game player game, table bet has reached 320 thousand gold, equivalent to nearly 300 yuan in cash.

network screenshot

a large number of "alms bowl" on the "JJ game" on the mall, and the game player "coins" through the sale of "alms bowl", "gold" cash transactions. Network screenshot

JJ game claims to allow players to enjoy the fun of chess game, but many players have said that this game is their nightmare". Data picture

since 2010 5 years, known as a "JJ game" (www.JJ.cn) network chess game, let Heilongjiang man Li Meng lost 500 thousand yuan, up. Li Meng attempted to cut his wrist, tendon necrosis, the game left him a lifetime to erase the stigma.

recently, the Beijing News reporter registered as a "JJ game" game platform users, after nearly a week of combat experience, found that the game is not only a function of leisure and entertainment, and win cash. Game player through against the "gold" in the game board, can also be realized "gold" in exchange for cash. The end of each game board game platform from the "pumping"; and the game player through the platform in the mall "alms bowl" trading cash "gold", each platform to extract 4% or 3% fee.

"this is a disguised form of gambling!" Li Meng said, "JJ game" let him "the devil", mad when his game can lose ten thousand yuan. Reporters found that the game platform, like Li Meng, there are a lot of players, hundreds of thousands of people lost a few, many people get deeper.

in early 2009, "online games JJ game" was included in the relevant departments that is suspected of containing vulgar, gambling, violence and other content of the list, and has long been reporting suspected disguised gambling game player, the media have repeatedly exposed, but the number is increasing year by year in the game player. Beijing police official said, had been on the JJ game has been investigated, but did not find the operator profit is not characterized by gambling. Legal sources have said that the online game platform to open a gift function, equal to open up the game virtual currency trading chain, so that the virtual currency can be converted into cash or kind, there are gambling suspects.

gamblers players play more lose

hand lost thousands of dollars, into a vicious spiral, a game player to win back a loan shark

"JJ game" network chess game, become 30 year old Lee Meng lingering nightmare. In the QQ space, Li Meng last message is not to say that a miss, he missed, is away from his wife and children, as well as the JJ game before the quiet life.

5 years ago, after a friend, Li Meng began to contact the JJ game". The official website of the game shows that its operator competitive world (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Beijing athletic world company), as of the end of 2013, "JJ Game >