he was a grass root entrepreneur, long-term take hundreds of yuan of salary, "also a multitasker, as little as possible to ensure that employees can survive."

he is the outdoors, hiking, hiking, crossing, gliding……

he founded the Pathfinder China is the largest outdoor supplies company, is one of the first batch of GEM listed company.

now, he says, "I feel like I’m an entrepreneur", "I think there are things that inspire me every day or get the team excited."

What is

, has started to enjoy life to achieve success and win recognition he re excited together? The day before, the Pathfinder founder Sheng Faqiang to "entrepreneurs" tells the story of the thinking and strategy of ecological community outdoor dream billion market capitalization.

oral | Shengfa Jiang (Pathfinder founder)

finishing | entrepreneur

2009, Pathfinder listed. After that, Peng Xin served as CEO. I went to develop personal hobbies, mountaineering, learning to open the plane, but also in the United States took a private flight license, enjoy a period of time. But in 2012, I was vaguely aware of some of the elements of competition in this era has changed.

Internet era is a challenge for every enterprise, especially for traditional enterprises. Entrepreneurs should have a sensitivity to advance to find some of these business opportunities, otherwise it is likely to be eliminated. In this sense, I think there is no best enterprise, only the era of enterprise.

entrepreneurship is constantly tossing

At the time of the

environment, the Pathfinder is still in rapid development. In the field of outdoor products, whether it is compared to other brands or international brands China, we are ranked first, 40% and 30% per year, at a rate of growth. But we see changes in the user, they follow the connection between enterprises, the brand is not the traditional sense of the store to cognitive and connection, the previous 1000 to 8000 channel based growth model does not exist.

At that time there have been some signs of the

community, but also not like that now everyone cannot do without. Before I also read EMBA, and invited the relevant teachers as business consultants, opened a number of exploration. I am an animal with a keen sense of smell, but there is still a long time to go from thinking to real strategy.

this is a very painful process. You know the environment changes, the user’s behavior changes, but you can’t find the way. Maybe you just built a model and it was overthrown. When you think about a dimension, you find that there is a more important dimension. So you have to continue to explore, try, overthrow again. In this process, we have at least three years of exploration, trial and error.

Pathfinder and look back at history, is a history of constant torment. After graduating from college, I went to sea, printing, tents, and later founded.