September 28th news, recently, the Ministry of public security released on its website to increase regulation to combat Internet pornography special action notice, notice that since the beginning of September 23, 2009, the Ministry of public security will organize 1 months to carry out a mobile phone site clean-up campaigns to focus.

, according to reports, the Ministry of public security will focus on three aspects of network communication remediation.

one is to clean up illegal mobile phone website. Around the communication management department access service providers to carry out a comprehensive clean-up, for not filing or without business license and other illegal open mobile phone website, to be shut; on the spread of pornographic, illegal and harmful information, terminate the partnership; suspected crimes to inform the public security organs investigated and dealt with according to law.

two is to crack down on the crime of spreading pornographic websites mobile sites. The public security organs will be in accordance with the unified arrangements to strengthen the monitoring of mobile phone website, focus on the detection of a number of mobile phone sites spread pornographic crime, deep combat pornographic mobile phone website interests of the chain, seriously investigate the siting, access, advertising, service charges on behalf of the operators and third party payment companies for mobile phone pornographic websites.

three is to strengthen the access service units, network advertising agents, the supervision of the third party payment companies. Request access service units to strengthen the new mobile phone access website real name registration, strict implementation of the relevant provisions of the record, after the first access ", the implementation of the relevant safety management system and measures; network advertising agencies strictly audit qualification and join in the website of the advertising content, advertising is prohibited for pornographic web proxy using the so-called mobile phone advertising alliance the way to strengthen the registration; the merchant’s qualification audit requirements of third party payment companies, is prohibited to provide fees and payment services for non real name mobile phone pornographic website.

news, at the same time, most of the current WAP website published online number has reached 5 digits, while the first-line portal in the basic figure of more than 6. Plus mobile phone communication, low cost and easy use of personal privacy, users easily via SMS, MMS to pornographic content to share with others, extensive mobile phone pornography spread far beyond the imagination.

at present, the relevant departments of the mobile phone media industry has failed to form a system of strong supervision, the popularity of mobile phone pornographic content with a variety of special operations carried out and end and fluctuation.

some analysts believe that the regulatory authorities on the content of WAP regulation is weak, indulge the spread of unhealthy content. In the early stages of WAP development, including the operator and the main regulatory authorities, including the WAP industry business model and operating mechanism are not completely clear understanding and understanding.

Prior to

, the Ministry of public security information center official admitted in an interview with the media, there is no what special measures to crack down mobile phone network pornographic information dissemination way, mainly from the site monitoring and investigation of, and directly to the mobile phone users nationwide monitoring too difficult.