since we talk about the need for effective network marketing website construction, to achieve the purpose of network promotion, then based on the concept of network marketing network promotion is certainly the best way to promote Internet sites. Here we first understand the common network promotion methods and methods

1, login search engine

search engine promotion this should be the most basic method of network promotion, is the first step in the search engine marketing SEM. Through the natural flow of search engines to achieve the purpose of network promotion. However, the SEM based on SEO is now more and more difficult to operate. After all, the search engine changes need to practice can draw, in the SEO era, but recover the original simplicity SEM should perform.

2, E-mail Promotion

for commercial sites, E-mail promotion is the most effective way, you can directly face the customer product promotion. Because of the need to establish a mail library, or pay to buy, and mailing list of customers is a direct customer is not clear. So the mail the source of the library restricted E-mail killer mace marketing effect. Recommend companies to build their own mailing list. This is a long-term and systematic work. Be careful and do it!

3, online advertising

had a large number of Internet sites, the site had a large number of online advertising, and advertising and from the advertising and advertising is now narrow, quasi specialization become marketing effect the most important early. The selection of online advertising platform, put, monitoring and so on, is the focus of the choice of online advertising as a means of promotion.

4, exchange links / ad swaps

In fact,

exchange links, links, etc., are based on the details of the search marketing SEM means, of course, Google for the link between the sale of punishment, Baidu also has. Just remember to link ten thousand junk links as well as link a high quality link.

5, publish information on the B2B website or register

The promotion of

industry platform, Alibaba is the result of popular, but also become the best channel for business users to watch their customer source. If this can be done very carefully, then bring the benefits of promotion is the most direct and most effective.

6, publish a web site information in a newsgroup or forum

soft Wen promotion aims to induce consumers and expand the brand influence, after all, the goods need to hype, should also hype. Wine is also afraid of deep alley, to achieve the purpose of promotion is good. High quality soft Wen promotion is also one of the most effective ways to promote the network.

7, other network promotion mode

includes QQ promotion, human promotion, wonderful class promotion and so on, in fact, is certainly not limited to these methods, by analogy, divergent thinking must be able to make up the promotion effect. After all, creative marketing is placed in all marketing >