after a lapse of 4 years, the long silent "Chinese network video anti piracy alliance, shot again in the re selection of partners, Youku potatoes by Sohu, Tencent, music video, video website in the same line, and the target is changed to Baidu video, Baidu video, nora.

anti piracy alliance, which has sued Baidu, Nora piracy cases were filed and one hundred, involving Baidu hotlinking piracy mobile video copyright works more than million, Baidu claims the resulting loss of 300 million yuan. At the same time, it will be combined with the video piracy and hotlinking to counter, from now on a total ban on Baidu video crawler access.

anti piracy alliance 4 years later and then shot

this is the video China network in 2009 of the anti piracy alliance of the second operations, 4 years ago, the United Sohu video excited net friend Bullock established anti piracy alliance, the target is the and thunder, saying there are serious piracy on the PC side, at the same time the amount of claim billion yuan.

2009 is the video industry due to piracy of most of the year, while the limelight of the company is youku. Once the Sohu CEO and colleagues Zhang Zhaoyang Cool 6 network founder Li Shanyou, jointly accepted the media interview, also once denounced colleagues Koo do to piracy, did not read any old.


was more or less of these alliances is considered a "speculation" suspected, but it set off a wave of anti piracy, and later with Youku, (28.25, 0, 0%) IPO, and the development of Iqiyi, LETV, PC end of the video website piracy situation has improved, the the year is on track, with the rising price of TV legalization.

but with the advent of the mobile Internet, video piracy and new forms of development.

Zhang Zhaoyang today at the meeting pointed out that the anti piracy road to today only half way, the next road more difficult to walk, but also go bad if it may come to naught, large-scale piracy that is the mobile video industry brings, and will spearhead Baidu.

"the video industry is facing since 2009 more serious piracy situation, especially in itself has a huge advantage in the Internet giant monopoly resources to participate in large-scale piracy, in this case, we cannot continue to compete, because of rampant thieves and robbers in place, law-abiding people cannot survive." Zhang Zhaoyang said.

he also stressed that if such a situation does not improve, it is possible to make genuine video site as a whole launch of the video industry, it will no longer invest to do content. China’s video content industry will be returned to the music industry, such as the destruction of the stolen version of the same sad reminder. If allowed to develop cancer in these industries, the copyright is the core of the creative industry will be a devastating blow."

union said Baidu video serious version