has been attacked by the love sky charity website screenshot

more than a dozen large homosexual websites were hacked, millions of users of information stolen. What is behind the hacking attempt to survey the southern weekend?, the hackers behind perplexing the interests of the chain, attacks in a legal grey area gay website, not only often succeed, but rarely punished……

"that month I was a mess." Think of half a year before the website was hacked, the replacement of 20 servers through a month, "just for Liaoning comrade" network is still a lingering fear.

last August to October, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Chongqing and other gay websites have been hacked, millions of users of information stolen. Surprisingly, such a large area of network security incidents, the public security departments after receiving the report did not accept.

after a number of victims of the site for several months, tracing, which traces a hacker has been identified. Love sky public website, the person in charge of Malone commissioned a lawyer, decided to protect the rights through legal procedures. To survive in the cracks of the gay rights and interests are infringed, many choose to swallow, Malone became the first man to stand out.

more than a dozen gay websites were attacked

last August 6th, "Liaoning comrade" (hereinafter referred to as distant) chat room suddenly appeared abnormal, a self proclaimed "Chinese first person" hacker ", please visit the www.ln1069.com website, this chat room officially canceled!" then the chat room cannot login.


website also claimed to be "Liaoning comrade" (hereinafter referred to as the new distant). "All of a sudden, he ran to him." The person in charge of the Liao just said, their website once again under attack, attack more than 10 times a day. In the coming months, Liao no matter choose the server where, will attack.

in one and a half years distant is the same as the change of servers at least 20 times. "Every time we dare to rent a month, a few days and crash. Money lost more than 10 thousand." Distant is the same as another responsible person said the situation.

at the same time, gay website "website of love sky commonweal" (hereinafter referred to as the love sky) chat room was also attacked in September 4th last year, users log in a pop-up window: "this website officially closed, please visit the www.h1069.com website". Hackers exploit the vulnerability of the chat room to steal data, the hard disk format, so that the site data lost.

users into the chat room was kicked out." Love sky, Malone told the southern weekend, hackers use Trojans and program vulnerabilities, download site data, and use these data set up a new love sky". < >