November 16, 2016, fourth Meihua network marketing innovation award ceremony held in Shanghai, with the Alipay 9.9 new media big data precision marketing, to make life easier, easy to praise the gains of the 2016 fourth Meihua Network Marketing Innovation Award for the best big data marketing innovation unit award. This is the only one of the Mawards Marketing Innovation Award focused on new media big data marketing company.

How the enterprise

big data impact grasp more marketing opportunities? Plum network communication industry exhibition held on the same day of the forum, the industry leader with the latest marketing trends are discussed. Easy praise as a new media field, BAT services for big data pioneer companies and attention


(November 16, 2016, the fourth plum blossom network marketing innovation awards site)


Yi Zan CEO contract, said: big data technology + Creative + content, is the development trend of new media marketing, the future of big data and artificial intelligence technology will bring new possibilities for new media marketing,

!The Alipay

, the 9.9 version of the new media, easy to Zanxin media big data technology support, to achieve the expected result, which is the new media marketing new exploration and attempt.

easy praise, perhaps for traditional public relations companies it is still too young, just set up a year ago, but in the field of media, but it is the industry benchmark.

is easy to praise Beijing’s easy Powder Technology Co. Ltd., a well-known people from the media and co-founder of Qinglong old thief contract, the beginning of the establishment of WeMedia angel investment, precision marketing is committed to new media big data, according to the application of the whole media advertising industry big data and artificial intelligence advertising. At the beginning of the year to get TalkingData and HYLINK Pre-A round of financing, valuation of one hundred million.

easy to praise with its powerful media resources, since the media in the core areas of advantage plough, data thinking deepening to product development, to create a large data center from the media, social media account enabled portrait data visualization technology, each public, present and development of artificial intelligence, data delivery module and high frequency data monitoring system, and ultimately to create social media data for the good experience on the platform.


so that the effect can be seen, so that more accurate content marketing, laying its leading position in the field of new media big data. To praise for Alipay, Tencent, Jingdong, LETV, Liby, millet, vivo, health and many other well-known brands of new media to provide accurate marketing communications services.

2016, Yi Yi uphold the concept of open data sharing, and China’s largest independent >