May 24th, the domain name trading platform China renamed CEO Kong Dejing said in an interview, the buyer is not ylmf, the price more than 300 thousand dollars.

, according to Kong Dejing introduction, the customer is the first phase of the domain name, but the domain name as early as before the customer consultation, it was used by a gambling site, and Route navigation software company. 666 in China, "Shun" means for e-commerce or lottery sites, so the customer finally decided to buy the domain name.

Kong Dejing said, in the bidding process, "Chinese worked with two Chinese Americans for the domain name, the other quotes were $250 thousand and $300 thousand, but the sellers have been rejected.

Kong Dejing said, buyers for a domestic IT enterprise, but definitely not the last. It is unclear whether the other side is to invest or use their own. He expects buyers to announce information within 1 months.

according to Kong Dejing reflect, recently some IT companies began to purchase digital, single letter, brand and other domain names. Up to now, has been renamed,, Chinese transactions,,,,,,, domain name, the cumulative turnover of over 20 million yuan. (end)

              pass ylmf bought specific details of the transaction is