many webmaster might say, now the local website think it is too difficult to promote, because the local site is facing many difficulties, such as: before the original local portal unshakable position in the local media; if need to vigorously advertise funds; promotion of Baidu and other search engines are not cheap. These difficulties are difficult to solve, and why did not spend three months in Suzhou began to have income?

I’ll give you a simple way to say that I have to promote the new station was built, and I hope to start doing grassroots friends help.

a domain name is very important


domain name to make people easy to remember, so that we can more easily retain users, the "big Suzhou" with a more than four years of "old name" (my Suzhou), some people will say that the "old name" certainly not cheap, in fact, because before the domain name, for four years the local site, but the site effect is not obvious, before the owners do not want to do, so I took the opportunity to spend 200 yuan to buy from him, may be lucky, but really good easy to remember domain name

two, to promote one of the Raiders: do not spend the promotion method

site is also done, I do is to classify the information and the forum of the combination of life information website. How to promote the next step? Wanted to print some leaflets on the street to send, but think a lot of people took the leaflets after, most people will see the trash does not look, this will continue.

in a chance, it was noon, I found my friend over this turn it, I asked what he was looking for? He said he didn’t want to go out to dinner, just want to find someone else to send the last name card takeout to eat ~! I just thought of a method that is not their own money can promote your website, that is the positive written name card name card! My site, written on the back: Unlock the phone reservation telephone; phone; move……. Then I easily find a few are willing to print and distribute name card name card fee expenses, so I do not spend money down, but also earn some money. In this way we made a week of business cards, business cards are mainly distributed in the student apartments, office buildings, shops, and so on. And my website IP day by day increase of IP a week on average 500.

two, the promotion of Raiders two: public service is always the best advertising

after the above methods, my site daily IP are around 500, this has been good, but this profit get far worse! My body is strong, so every year to donate blood, I heard that the daily number of blood donation is not much at this year’s blood donation, so I want to do something about if blood donation propaganda posters, some good results. So I went to find the Red Cross central leadership, they are pleased to agree with me in Suzhou city and joint promotion center in the scarlet letter: "blood bank emergency blood donation, glorious" poster, then I >