In June 7th,

news, CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city released micro-blog said the site has launched the "58 group purchase group purchase platform" on the 6 day, the platform is located in the "independent businesses issued and group purchase discount platform" will provide user authentication, and payment services, attract businesses launched self-help group purchase activities.

it is understood that the "58 group purchase" on the night of June 6th 6:06 on the line, all have a good luck, the first line of products for the beer festival tickets. The site is currently available only Beijing Railway Station entrance, but Yao Jinbo said, is expected to open more than 20 cities this month.

, according to Yao Jinbo, introduced in micro-blog, the platform is essentially to do a business to buy and buy a free platform, currently doing so only to accumulate operational experience and basic users. The future will be divided into 58 group purchase area classification don’t have multiple activities, every day, completely by the merchant or the third party self initiated activities, good automatic display and promotion of good, 58 only to provide authentication, platform, users, payment and other services". (end)



58 city CEO Yao Jinbo: June will be officially launched buy platform


platform launched in June 6th 58 city group purchase order No. 58 free end single