according to the Xinhua news agency to further standardize the online music market order, the Ministry of culture decided to further clean up illegal network music products, and on the day before the announced the third batch of "without censorship or record network music products list".

relevant departments of the Ministry of culture, 27, said the Ministry of culture is the Department in charge of online music. According to regulations, the Ministry of culture on the implementation of the contents of the import of online music censorship system, the implementation of the domestic network of music products filing system. Imported music products need to be reviewed and approved before the Internet operation. Including the release of the first and second batch of 100 illegal online music products, a total of three batches of 300 violations were not submitted to the Ministry of culture network music censorship or record, without operating the internet. Part of the network music website without providing these network music products play, listen, download and use other services, disrupt the online music market order, harm the national cultural safety, must be clean up.

the Ministry of culture on its website on the liquidation of the third batch of illegal network music products notice said: before September 15, 2011, the search engine, portal website, industry website, entertainment website and business or personal website, quickly carry out self-examination, found its website listed and the network music products without censorship or record, shall immediately delete. Overdue for cleaning up the site, will be investigated according to law.

says many fans think these songs do not contain illegal content, the responsible person said: the Ministry of culture in the notice has to be clear, clean up the object is related to website without network music products or filing review of the Ministry of culture. Related network music products do not necessarily contain illegal content.

part of the illegal music products

natural wake Yoga Lin

my dearest Sherry

are you looking at me Sherry

you Jam Hsiao

clone Jam Hsiao

CANDY Ken Hirai

R& B Ken Hirai

how are you Michael Wong

Hair Lady GaGa