renamed Chinese news, according to foreign media website reported, company submitted an application to the American Arbitration Forum, 1017 requirements will be transferred to their domain name dispute. It is reported that the domain name dispute cases involving up to 1017 domain names, the number of domain name disputes in recent years, the largest number of a domain name dispute cases.

it is understood that the company is the owner of the trademark, 1017 different size of the disputed domain name to confuse the trademark, with malicious registration and use nature, so request back to the 1017 domain name dispute arbitration.
This involved

domain involves many domains, the success of the rights at the same time, the loss is very serious, experts said, the domain name registered investors should not be opportunistic, others avoid confusion of trademark and trade name, to avoid the disputes of domain name.

arbitration domain name is as follows:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, dfreecred>