this year, Ali is very busy, from May after the acquisition of keywords beautiful events constantly, reached a point in the fierce outbreak of double eleven 35 billion in sales, and now move to a large-scale Taobao Ali mother frozen guest Commission ", this is not in the twelve before speculation is unknown, but continuously denounce but particularly strong.

Ali mother frozen suspected of "pop promotion" and other illegal operations in the September Taobao customer account, Taobao customer complaint follow-up has been unsuccessful. In November 14th, Ali mother massive frozen Taobao guest Commission event rampant moment, a total of more than 320 million freezing of the Commission, and broke the 9.1 provisions staggering, the provisions of that "Ali mother has the right to decide for any reason without prior notice to suspend or terminate the services provided to members in whole or in part, to temporarily freeze or freeze (the cancellation of membership account) without this to the member or any third party any responsibility." This rule is then eliminated. In the Lu Songsong blog broke a Taobao account balance of 170 thousand accounts were closed after the relevant posts, Ali mother will be reproduced in the major media in the same article was deleted in 19. Orange collar forum a condemnation, Ali mother micro-blog, Taobao World Forum, guest group, angry, rational debate has also, sisters. Large and small to tens to hundreds of thousands of yuan, "described as Starving people fill the land.".

large scale freezing Amoy Commission


1, Ali official statement, to combat malicious promotion

this year, Ali Mama anti cheat system monitoring to a cheating molecule and gang such as cheating by hijacking traffic, bring the real situation sets of traffic and transactions in the Commission to go without Taobao businesses, seriously affect the normal operation of the small and medium-sized website promotion channels to legitimate.

Ali mother reiterated Ali mother and even Alibaba group, will do everything to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Taobao merchants. Mom has a set of perfect scientific anti cheating monitoring system, usually through improper means to obtain the Taobao business commission, will be firmly frozen, and the full return of the corresponding Taobao business. Ali mother will intensify efforts to crack down on violations, maintaining the healthy development of Taobao passenger market. For the use of improper means to obtain the people, Ali mother not only will not be tolerated, but also for the judicial means to pursue legal responsibilities.

to the outside rumors that Ali mother will freeze Taobao off the Commission for himself that Alibaba group vice president Wang Hua said that Ali mother’s duty is to safeguard the health of the Taobao platform off the normal operation, guarantee legal compliance management business and the interests of small and medium-sized websites. In the freezing of illegal commissions Taobao business process, Ali mother cannot and will not get a penny of interest, up to now has about a total value of more than 320 million Taobao customer accounts will be frozen, and return it to the Taobao business.

2, Ali listed on the need to re