A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) May 7th news, recently iResearch released in 2015 China takeaway O2O industry development report. The report shows that in 2014 China’s catering takeaway market size has more than 160 billion, takeaway O2O turnover of $9 billion 510 million, is expected to 2017, takeaway O2O body mass will be more than 40 billion yuan.

at present, hungry, the United States Mission takeaway, Amoy little, Baidu takeaway four occupy nearly 80% of the market share, which is hungry in terms of market share and market segments are among the first in the industry. Take away the mainstream mode of the O2O platform has two categories: by the company’s own distribution of meals and the light model of the platform to provide services for the distribution of heavy business model. Home food will be the representative of the heavy mode takeaway O2O, Ai Rui consulting believes that the weight of the two modes of operation takeaway platform in the future will show a relationship between competition and cooperation.

Baidu takeaway set up the latest, in May 2014 before the line, but the main high-end white-collar market, the rapid expansion of the country’s 84 large and medium cities. Taobao has been part of the Amoy has expanded to 20 cities.

United States takeaway is a typical example of the light mode of barbaric expansion. U.S. in January 2014 officially launched, is hungry, the home will delicacy of rivals such as late, but with the beauty of existing resources, as of December 2014, a U.S. takeaway ordering service in the country’s more than and 200 city.

in terms of mobile search, according to Baidu index open data, from March 27, 2015 to April 25th, hungry it’s mobile search index was 27801, the United States Mission takeaway was 18626, Baidu takeaway was $9014, Amoy little bit for the number of 2308. Hungry and hungry what search index are in the industry to maintain a leading position.


report said that in 2014 the market size of China’s catering delivery of more than 160 billion, the total food consumption ratio of 5.8%, by 2017, this proportion is expected to reach 9%, the overall size of the market will be more than 300 billion. 2014 Chinese takeaway O2O the total trading volume of 9 billion 510 million yuan, an increase of 125%. However, compared to the overall market size of 160 billion yuan takeaway, takeaway O2O penetration of less than 6%, great potential for development.

for takeaway O2O future development, according to the report, in 2014, China Mobile users reached 560 million, an increase of 11.4%, the rapid growth of mobile Internet users for the O2O format laid a solid user base and a broader space for development. Analysys think tank predicted that in 2015, hungry and takeout group by virtue of high innovation and market execution ability, continue to lead the first camp high; but the lack of innovation and execution of Amoy little Baidu takeaway, belonging to home second camp; delicacy will be represented by several platforms for the execution of the third camp belonging.

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