Youku TV version of APP can be installed through smart TV, and watch customized TV programs. According to the regulations, the APP needs to go down this week. Beijing News (reporter Li Yuan) yesterday, the Beijing News reporter from informed sources confirmed that at noon yesterday SARFT interviewed again the Internet video company, television terminal APP this week all the video website development under the frame, next week is not rectification, will cancel its Internet audiovisual license and stop the server.

"this interview, the atmosphere is very serious," the source said. Yesterday, there is news that SARFT requirements, must be content license just qualified to launch APP TV audio-visual end application, at present Iqiyi joint license execution CNR the Milky Way launched the Milky Way (Iqiyi) version, and Youku potatoes for the tablet computer design of potatoes Youku XL does not meet the policy requirements of radio client.

it is understood that a number of video sites, including Youku potatoes, including yesterday received the latest broadcast. Youku yesterday at noon from the online application store shelves APP.

in June this year, SARFT opened a new round of net action". At that time, SARFT issued under the network immediately shut down the Internet TV terminal products in violation of the video software download channel letter, requiring the closure of the Internet box video client. Later, the Tencent (122.9, -1.10, -0.89%, real-time quotes) video, Iqiyi, Youku, PPTV cohesion, storm video, Phoenix video LETV, several video sites also received notification requirements related to the shelves of application.

for the radio again interviewed insiders Beijing News reporter said, according to this requirement, the smart TV will not be in addition to license party platform networking, video website users also find the content they need. For example, there is a video site to do for the computer and PAD version of the APP, the user can download on the computer, the use of external USB manually connected to the tv.

, the person said, in order to meet the requirements of SARFT, the future of video website may be taken in two ways, one is to cooperate with the CNTV licenses, will be fully integrated into the video content licenses party platform, so the video should be after the license party audit shall be presented to the public. In addition, the video site via the broadcasting system to apply for a licence for their own use is a kind of method. In July this year, announced a partnership with Chongqing broadcasting LETV content license application, if the application is successful, is expected to retain their music via APP.