about the classification of information station, I have used network in Wuhan is also a bar, although the operation time is not long, but there is also a period of time, up to now, although little achievement, I am also a road to come, now it is still relatively normal, I also know a promotion a website is very important, now I am I of Wuhan secondary network operation planning to write out, learn from each other, the purpose is to look through your friends, and give me some good advice; what good place, welcome to give me your opinion:

analysis of the current status of classified information market:

classified information without charge, you encountered classified information fees? Form classification information at present is to let others publish information on its website, publish information is free, but if you want to publish their own information, it would have to pay, in fact, is the name of the flag to free of charge fees; this site is a long time, a large amount of information, people came to the site, what do you want to find what, slowly increase the popularity! Face the market these mature classification information station, this is my idea, I asked myself a question like this:

1, why do people come to your station? First find your site features, attractive place:

first, a site is certainly the first to own facade decoration is good, then go to promote the store, out of order, who at first glance to see second eyes! The second is the content of the web site should be the focus of the content of the website if you can retain people, this is the most important. This point is to enhance the conversion rate;

2, set a good profit model: customers are divided into two kinds, one is the charge customers (business); the two is a free class customers (web browser)

3, website promotion: online online and offline, for example, the investigation: you know my website in which way, look at the page residence time through traffic statistics, not on the website to find the information you want and so on, these findings are very valuable and site adjustment to for us! The line, which is to have people to do, such as: name card, promotional pages, to some computer city (mainly for second-hand digital products, which is also used by the largest amount of information network released a section), the secondary market, such as furniture, mobile phone, digital

and so on

also is through some entertainment information to drive web traffic, the purpose is to give users see, site weight, pull popularity, reach a certain standard, to increase the promotion of classified information, while maintaining the existing site traffic, then we have to do for the one or two industries, to do it carefully and make some case, one is for their own information, then increase the reputation! This is of course a method, of course, when necessary, to spend money to do some promotion, engage in some business activities, strengthen the social effect can be

!At the same time we do the above work, we should constantly improve the function of the website