day, Austria, and the three, one is the cornerstone of Liu Bei Zhuge three of the world, Liu Bang set the world on the same, Han, northwest of the enterprise, to gain a firm foothold in the rapidly changing world of the Internet, the need is the cornerstone, is the talent, but because of problems in the region of Northwest. Many high-end network marketing professionals would not in the northwest development, take Xi’an as an example, with the spring breeze blowing into the Internet, many enterprises is really a hard to find, of course, today is not to say that to complain about these, but to tell how to choose a suitable network marketing talents in Northwest enterprises.

first, in the network marketing industry, all kinds of talents, many of them are uneven, understand some post, understand some basic web site maintenance and promotion, will go to the big mouth so frightened lion enterprise, enterprise HR, because the real talent is very rational to talk about treatment. How do we go to the northwest enterprises to choose their own network marketing talent


first, specialize in.

is not the first person you choose how much, but what you are most proficient in, SEO? SEM? Micro-blog?. Because no one can take the knowledge of network marketing all learn the pinnacle, a learned mastery is more realistic, of course, does not rule out the genius appeared.

second, there are special and wide, only suitable.

if the enterprise demand for talent, as long as you can and a will to the extreme, if this is required, do not rule out some special enterprises need such talent, if other companies also think so, then into a misunderstanding, because college is a basic quality of network marketing personnel must have this is, he engaged in network marketing work basic literacy and skills, his colleagues must also have broad skills, what is wide, is he not only proficient in SEO, but also good at SEM, micro-blog, forums, quizzes and other marketing methods, such people can be called network marketing personnel, in order to allow enterprises in an invincible position in Internet marketing.

third, able to drill, willing to learn, savvy

network marketing knowledge update speed is very fast, the talent will have strong learning ability, such as when micro-blog came out, most people will laugh, if you have enough understanding, then you will realize that micro-blog’s prospects, at the beginning of the time for the enterprise to do marketing on the micro-blog platform, it should belong to the harvest period. So, when the northwest enterprises choose network marketing talent, we must audit the sensitivity of the network marketing personnel and understanding.

finally, I hope to write these to northwest enterprises, especially to help local enterprises in the selection process of Xi’an network marketing personnel in the enterprise, what about network marketing problems can be added to my northwest enterprise network marketing communication group.

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