marketing is a combination of boxing, not to talk about what is outdated.

Wen / Wei Wu

Wei Wu Hui College of Shanghai Jiaotong University lecturer:

media and new media observers, design

is a famous economics magazine published an article entitled "traditional marketing is dead" article, get some echo. Li Shanyou in this column also wrote an article with articles, and millet mobile phone hot examples to testify, this so-called "fans economics".

it is undeniable that millet is very active in the micro-blog mobile phone, mobile phone millet rise, new marketing contributed, but the problem is that it does not seem to explain "the traditional marketing is dead, because the basic disk fans millet mobile phone early, actually cannot rely on traditional traditional way the formation of the activities under the line.

had a circle of friends and I said, millet mobile phone users are very keen to meet, there are more than 60 games a year. I sent this message to micro-blog to verify that some friends have been recognized: they have participated in the meeting millet users. Offline activities are very helpful to close the relationship between users and businesses, so it seems, to say that the success of millet phone entirely thanks to social media, is not in line with the facts.

let’s look at another company that is extremely active in social media: 360. Zhou Hongyi is also given to the use of new media, but the 360 rise, but can not say what all rely on a network of new media. 360 anti-virus software in the early promotion, is still relying on extremely traditional marketing methods: TV advertising. The reason is simple, a lot of users using anti-virus software is not necessarily what the Internet veteran.

in marketing circles, often see people with some very exaggerated words to what "marketing subversion", others echo. This basically comes from two cases. First, the new marketing company to join, in order to show that they and the past Marketing Company (or 4A) is different, which can get the business, they will be forced to prove that the new marketing is subversive. Second, some large company, every year to see what the new marketing way can try the water – actually the early adopters of the rules of the game more to Party A in the specific job responsibilities, not to engage in a new way, how to prove that he is "with the times" new-new generation


real marketing theory is not too concerned about what media you use. For example, very classic 4P Theory: Product (product), Price (price), Place (sales location), Promotion (promotion). The marketing that split into four dimensions, according to the specific situation and change, this is the marketing theory to do. It is not a question of theory to solve the matter never what can go marketing theory and will you pay attention to what the media actually.

so, the new marketing has become a very strange thing >