believes that doing network promotion people know, quiz website is the most to our website to a fixed flow place, because of your promotion when questions in such sites are selected and their website was strongly linked to answer, just like this (HTTP://, it is a a steel industry website, so we are going to promote his words, we find the problem is generally the price of steel, iron and steel market, and its related problems. Groups concerned about this problem in the view that this site is useful, then become a faithful traffic.

this kind of Q & a site is mainly Baidu know, SOSO ask, YAHOO knowledge hall, Tianya Q & A, and so on, so how to use it for effective promotion? Here is my own summary of the experience:

1 post web site don’t always take place directly on the front page of the site URL, can turn the use of Baidu search out the address posted up, not only can effectively hide its own web site, also can get traffic.

2 recommended daily amount of not more than ten post, days and months multiplying it can be a long time, if you want to send a day hundreds of thousands of the best, directly related to the station.

3 is recommended to the associated plate posts, such as the construction site to find the best network forum, or will not only be deleted, there may be right down.

4 is best to use only one account. Let Baidu feel that you really want to help others, rather than to send ads, so you can improve your level.

5 is best not to answer, so easy to let Baidu offensive, thus backfire.

6 post as far as possible not to bring the web site, be sure to bring the words with the URL of the best and do not have to have the appropriate proportion of urls.

7 post to the problem to be solved. So that the link can be displayed to facilitate the click.

8 post with the web site is best not to send the site address directly, but the site of a column or page can let others don’t doubt you, and can increase the opportunity to display their own pages.