first, project integration event

      a few days ago I went to a top Internet Co in China to visit one of their general manager (because it involves other aspects of the privacy of the conversation, the identity of each other, I will not disclose). We talked about the development of instant chat IM, and I am particularly impressed by his discourse, at the same time very surprised. When it comes to the integration of IM, he told me that instant messaging to promote other products is very easy, but to promote instant messaging with other products to consider the demand.

      this reminds me of a time ago, accidentally found on the QQ page from the QQ Dating Center, it is not a successful case? Dating Center is difficult to promote QQ, and QQ promotion Dating Center is very easy, the reason is not the demand.

      in my dating center, I found it full of pornography, plus a few are a pimp. And the price is very high, up to more than 1 thousand. This let me have to think about whether the Tencent and underground pornography leisure center cooperation? If true, then this will be a perfect way to profit:

      two, project integration principle

      first, according to the theory of ring poly, poly theory, in the project to maintain the first constant demand situation, through the delineation of users, users and the scale of condensed radiation, subdivision and refinement of the customer’s consumption agglomeration will form economic profit scale.

      this time, Tencent QQ is a product of the user has been delineated and condensed, and the user segments can understand their needs further. For example, there are some people like to make friends, he took to the friends of the center to go; friends in some people like a one night stand or other sex, you can communicate with the relevant leisure center.

      three, membership project profit

      when looking for an object, the other person’s contact is not directly announced. Want to know how to do? To pay membership fees, as if the object of the introduction of marriage to be charged, the money to introduce more good.

      four, third party advertising revenue

      do IT are very familiar, I will not say.

      five, "B2B" cooperative service – or cooperate with the leisure center